Top 5 Charming Wedding Venues Near Spokane Washington


Will my guests be able to make the drive? Do I really have to invite my third cousin twice-removed from Wisconsin? What in the world is a charger plate? Okay, can I just skip to the honeymoon/happily-married part already? Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding wedding venues near Spokane Washington.

Of course, a simple Google Search may do the trick. But, when it comes to planning your special day, it may be worth it to dig a little deeper. Whether you are looking for an intimate space or a wide-open range, there are plenty of options for wedding venues near Spokane Washington – maybe too many to count. So, without further ado, let’s check out the top 5 venues that the Lilac City has to offer! 

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Debarros

Photo Credit: Jennifer Debarros

1. The McGinnity Room

Nestled in the urban core of downtown Spokane sits a historically characterized building, known as the McGinnity Room. Since its reformation in 2016, the building has served as a multi-use space that accommodates up to 225 wedding guests. This charming space seeks to capture the essence of rustic elegance.

The timber and exposed brick interior are complemented by enchanted lighting, creating the perfect space for a dreamy wedding. The venue comes complete with a full, Irish bar, catering options, an extravagant bridal suite, and other day-of services.

If the space itself is not enough, the unparalleled service offered by the team at the McGinnity Room may sway you. Formed around the heart of the late Daniel McGinnity, the staff here take pride in providing artfully crafted hospitality that is caring and intentional.

Website: The McGinnity Room

Photo Credit: Rosehurst Garden

Photo Credit: Rosehurst Garden

2. Rosehurst Garden

If you love beautiful gardens and historic estates, then Rosehurst Garden is the perfect place for you. Rosehurst Gardens offers a variety of wedding packages to fit each couples’ needs, ever since the site was re-established in 2014.

Space reflects the timeless garden arrangements of Manito Park while including a new-age style patio with fire pits and even bocce ball. Equipped with enough space to accommodate 175 guests, this venue truly gives you the freedom to plan your wedding how you would like.

Website: Rosehurst Garden

Photo Credit: Victoria Carlson

Photo Credit: Victoria Carlson

3. Trezzi Farm

Imagine saying your ‘I Do’s’ with the silhouette of mountains in the background, big blue skies over-head, and bright green pastures for miles. Then, you and your beloved guests head into a rustic and elegant vaulted dining space. If this sounds like your daydream, then Trezzi Farms is the ideal venue for a wedding venue near Spokane Washington.

Equipped to meet every wedding need and 250+ guests, this venue offers an array of planning and day of amenities. This is the perfect wedding venue for those obsessed with quality and the great outdoors.

Website: Trezzi Farm

Photo Credit: The Barn at Mader Farm

Photo Credit: The Barn at Mader Farm

4. The Barn at Mader Farm

There are few sights more iconic in American livelihood than a large, red barn. Barns offer a unique wedding experience since so much can be added or subtracted to the space to cater to any couples’ needs. If you want a more contemporary feel, items are added to accommodate. If you want a more rustic feel, then the barn will be taken as is.

The Barn at Mader Farm, located just 95 miles outside of Spokane, offers the perfect country getaway for up to 200 guests.

Facebook Page: The Barn at Mader Farm

Photo Credit: Coeur d’Alene Wedding Chapel

Photo Credit: Coeur d’Alene Wedding Chapel

5. Coeur d’Alene Wedding Chapel

Quaint and unique, the Coeur d’Alene Wedding Chapel is an all-inclusive venue located just 30 miles outside of Spokane. Furthermore, the interior is elegant and simple and the outside space embodies the Inland Northwest with flower arrangements and plenty of green trees. From simple elopements to 200 person weddings, this venue offers all-inclusive wedding packages for every type of couple.

Website: Coeur d’Alene Wedding Chapel

Book Your Wedding at The McGinnity Room

Between endless web searching and countless inquiries, finding the perfect wedding venue near Spokane Washington can be tiring. We hope this list helps you pick the best venue for you and your needs!

If you or someone you know would like to book a tour at The McGinnity Room or simply have a few questions, call our team at (509) 321-1859 or email We would love to share your magical day with you!