5 Tips to Make Your Event Memorable


1. Find your venue BEFORE you settle on your date

Before you tell the world about your special gathering, make sure you’ve checked out and reserved
your space to make sure it’s available. For example, 80% of all weddings happen in the six months
between May and October, with the majority of those happening on a Saturday. So naturally those
dates will be in high demand and may be booked a year or even two in advance. Though historically
taboo, Friday night weddings are becoming more popular and you may have more luck
finding availability at your perfect venue.

2. Pick a Theme

Create a theme for your event, and tie it together with your venue, food and entertainment. For
example, a Mexican Fiesta theme could include Mariachi music, a do-it- yourself taco bar and a
Margarita station. A James Bond theme could offer a wide selection of martinis (shaken, not stirred!),
formal attire and dancing. Or a Superhero theme with “super” party favors, decorations
and a costume contest could help make your next employee recognition event extra special!

3. Finalize Your Budget

Before you reserve your venue, get a good handle on how many guests you’re likely to have and
the total amount you are willing to spend. You can then figure out a cost per person, which will provide
an essential guide to the choices you make with regards to food, beverages, decorations and
entertainment options.

4. Rely on “Experts”

Personal recommendations from experts are a great resource for planning your event. Your
reception manager may know of the hot new band that’s just right for your event, local businesses
that can add panache to your party or the perfect photog to capture images that you’ll treasure.
5. Don’t Forget the “Extra Touches” That Make Your Event Memorable.

A great event starts and ends with happy guests, and it’s the thoughtful extras that can make it
memorable. Consider a small gift for all your attendees with a note saying how happy you are they could
come, an entertainment zone where guests can sing, dance or listen to music; a celebrity impersonator to
add some excitement, a random drawing for a special prize at the end of the evening, or a creative backdrop
for selfies and social media posts.

And above all, chose a venue that offers a unique experience and will help create a lasting memory for
you and your guests. And if that happens to be The McGinnity Room, please know we will do everything
we can to make your event among the best you’ve ever attended!