Céad Míle Fáilte: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes.

To say this room is special is just the beginning. The McGinnity Room is so much more. We care about your experience here and you’ll feel that. I’ll share our story and you’ll begin to understand.

Our story begins with my husband, Daniel T. McGinnity. Dan, by trade a chemical engineer and patent attorney, coordinated the remodel of the upper two floors of the building that is now also home to The McGinnity Room. The remodel was undertaken in order to house the ever-growing law firm Dan was so happy to be a part of. He eagerly anticipated the firm’s move to the renovated building at the end of July 2016. But sadly, all the work he poured into the building was not ultimately his to enjoy. He died tragically and unexpectedly in July 2016.

The shock for the many that knew and loved Dan was deep and instant. He touched so many so deeply that countless have said they are forever changed in having known him and the man he was. Dan’s smile was contagious, no one can recall a single moment he was anything but caring, he never let pride get in his way, and he loved a great party. And so, to honor him and continue to celebrate, we bring to you The McGinnity Room.

Almost everyone involved in starting up The McGinnity Room knew and loved Dan. His wife, his law firm coworkers and lunch partners (including his brother-in-law), friends, siblings, his children, his uncle, cousins and even second-cousins were all critical pieces in making The McGinnity Room what it is today. We’ve all come together to celebrate and honor someone we loved and to share a part of that experience with you. When you are at The McGinnity Room, you can count on being part of a celebration because that is what we are here to do.

Please come and join us in The McGinnity Room and we’ll help make your experience one you won’t forget. Dan wouldn’t want it any other way.



Robyn Breen McGinnity